Olectra Greentech Future: Sustainable Solutions Ahead

Olectra Greentech Ltd– About The Company

industry trends: Future of Automobile Industry in India

Olectra Greentech Future: Industrial Trends
MARKET SIZE of Automobile sector in India. Source: www.ibef.org

Day to Day News

“PM Modi’s Rs 576 Billion e-Bus Plan: A Boost for Clean Transport”

Prime Minister Modi’s new plan will bring 10,000 e-buses through a special partnership. This was first mentioned by Finance Minister Sitharaman in February 2021. It will cost about Rs 576 billion. The government will help with Rs 200 billion over 10 years. Bus operators will get paid a fixed amount for every kilometer they drive. This is different from the earlier plan, which promised Rs 21 for each kilometer for 12 years. This plan means cleaner cities and more jobs in the electric bus industry.

Well, you know what happened next – investors got pretty pumped about this. Shares of companies that are expected to play a big part in making these electric buses shot up. Olectra Greentech’s shares went up by 8.8%, and JBM Auto had an even bigger boost, with a 10.1% rise.

This whole thing shows just how much everyone believes in the potential of electric vehicles.

olectra greentech future: Essentials And Financials

olectra greentech future: Latest Shareholding Pattern 
Olectra Greentech Ltd. Latest Shareholding Pattern- June 2023 quarter

Evaluating Financial Statements

Profit & Loss | Income Statements

Profit & Loss statements of Olectra Greentech
Profit & Loss statements of Olectra Greentech in last 10 years. Source: screener.in

Cash Flows Statements

Cash Flow statements of Olectra Greentech in the last 10 years.
Cash Flow statements of Olectra Greentech in the last 10 years. Source: screener.in
Net Cash Flow Annual Cr Analysis. Source: trendlyne.com

Analyzing Key Performance Indicators

Profitability Ratios

Income Graph of Olectra Greentech. Source: investing.com

Highlighting Important Aspects | Limitations Of Olectra Greentech future

A Closer Look At Company’s Annual Income Statement

Financial report of Olectra Greentech. Source: https://www.google.com/finance



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