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Does Politics Affect Financial Markets? The Indian Stock Market Experience

In 2024, significant countries like the United States, European Union, Pakistan, India, Ukraine, and Taiwan will hold their elections. These elections can have substantial implications for both domestic and international political landscapes. However, today's discussion primarily revolves around the question: Does politics affect financial markets?

Infosys Fundamental Analysis: Uncover the story behind.

Despite being the second-largest Information Technology company in India, trailing behind TCS, Infosys has underperformed compared to the Nifty IT index. It has delivered only a 9% return over the past year, while the index surged by over 25%. The company's share prices have experienced significant fluctuations, raising doubts about its effectiveness. This necessitates the complete Infosys fundamental analysis.

Best Lithium Stocks in India: From Mines to Markets

India has ambitious goals for environmental sustainability. By 2070, it aims to achieve Net Zero emissions. Additionally, it targets a 30 percent share of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in new vehicle sales and aims to increase non-fossil fuel energy capacity to 500 GW by 2030. Achieving these targets will require significant amounts of lithium and the batteries manufactured from it. Thus, Lithium is the single most important critical mineral for the energy transition.

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