Chandrayaan 3 Effect on Stocks: the Stocks That Could Go Up

The Chandrayaan 3 effect on stocks became evident as India achieved the remarkable feat of a successful soft landing on the moon’s surface at 6:04 p.m on August 23, 2023. India not only achieved a remarkable milestone in space exploration but also set in motion a series of effects felt in the stock market. The historic achievement prompted a surge of interest among investors. Internet instantly got flooded with searches like “Chandrayaan 3 Effect on Stocks” and inquiries about how different sectors of the stock market were impacted. We were also quick to react, and now we’re here with the insights gleaned from the market’s performance the day before Chandrayaan’s momentous landing.

Chandrayaan 3 Effect on Stocks. Source: inshorts

Chandrayaan 3 Effect on Stocks

Market Movers: Companies Shaping the Landscape| Chandrayaan 3 Effect on Stocks

These companies have played essential roles in ensuring the mission’s success. Centum Electronics Ltd, Linde India Ltd, Avantel Ltd, Zen Technologies, PTC, Genus Power Infrastructures, PG Electroplast, Apollo Micro Systems, MIC Electronics, Larsen & Toubro (L&T), Mishra Dhatu Nigam, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL), Hindustan Aeronautics, Walchandnagar Industries, and MTAR Technologies.

Can Chandrayaan-3’s success help grow these companies?

The answer is Yes. This is because, Chandrayaan-3 is a big project and the whole world applauded India for its milestone achievement. After India’s Chandrayaan-3 lander made a successful touchdown on the Lunar South Pole, appreciation tweets started pouring in. When a high-profile mission like Chandrayaan-3 does well, it shows that the companies are good at what they do. This will draw the attention of domestic as well as the foreign investors who would want to do business with the companies behind the project.

This success can attract more business opportunities, partnerships, and contracts, both from government agencies and private enterprises. More people might want to invest in these potential companies as the scope is higher. This will increase the funding and resources of these companies which will help expand their businesses further. And we all know what happens next. So yes, the present scenario totally indicates the growth of these companies in the coming years.

Let’s have a look at some of these companies.

Centum Electronics Ltd

Current Price: ₹ 1,767 | 52 Week High (24-Aug-2023) 1,948.65| % change: +14.91%

The Chandrayaan 3 Effect on Stocks was seen maximum in Centum Electronics Ltd as the stock rose 14.91% recording its 52 week high on 24-Aug-2023. The company provides a wide range of items including controllers, converters, sensors, and more. They serve various sectors like Defense & Aerospace, Space, Medical, Industry & Energy, Transportation & Automotive, and Communications.

This company is crucial to big global partners like Indian DPSUs, Ordnance Factories, DRDO, and ISRO. In the financial year 2022, their industrial involvement was: Defense, space, aerospace – 44%, Transport & Automotive – 30%, Industrial & Energy – 17%, and Healthcare – 9%.

As part of the Chandrayaan-3 Mission, the company’s contribution was to Design Development And Manufacturing of Electronics System For Space Applications.

Linde India Ltd

Current Price: ₹ 5,790| 52 Week High (23-Aug-2023): 6,165.00| % change: +3.22%

As the Lander was about to touch the surface moon, Linde India touched its 52 weeks high milestone of 6,165 Rs. per share. Linde India Ltd. is into making and delivering industrial gases. They work in two main parts: Gases and Related Products, and Project Engineering. The Gases part is about sending gases like liquefied gas and compressed gas to industries. The Project Engineering part is about designing and setting up big gas separation units.

They have clients like HPCL, IOCL, BPCL, ONGC, GAIL, MRPL, HMEL, CPCL, Tata, SAIL, JSW. Linde India Limited is mostly owned by BOC Group, UK, with a 75% stake. They make industrial and medical gases and build big gas separation plants.

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd

Current Price: ₹ 4,019| 52 Week High (24-Aug-2023): 4,135.00| % change: +3.57%

The next in the list of Chandrayaan 3 Effect on Stocks is Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd which recorded its 52 week high today. Hindustan Aeronautics is all about making aircraft and helicopters, as well as fixing and taking care of them. They offer things like airplanes, helicopters, future plans, engines, avionics, systems, accessories, and aerospace stuff. The company started on August 16, 1963, and is based in Bangalore, India.

HAL has a big part in India’s defense plans because they’re the only Indian company that’s really good at making planes and giving maintenance services. They put around 6% to 7% of their total money into research every year. Also, they increased their research savings from 10% to 15% of their last year’s profit, so they have enough money saved for research.

As part of the Chandrayaan-3 Mission, the company provided support in the Development Of Lander Along with Mechanical Support Equipment.

Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd

Current Price: ₹ 411| 52 Week High (24-Aug-2023) 426.30| % change: +0.75%

At the time of writing this article, Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd shares were being traded on the NSE at Rs 411 apiece, showing a +0.75% increase. Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd. specializes in making steel, superalloys, and titanium alloys. They also provide special steel, alloys for electronics, welding materials, and various other products like titanium tubes, fasteners, and more. The company started in 1973 in Hyderabad as a Government of India Enterprise under the Ministry of Defence.

Even after going public in 2018, the Government of India still owns about 74% of the company. Their work is mostly in India, about 90% in FY22 compared to 98% in FY21, with the rest being exports. The main focus is on the making materials and alloys needed by important sectors in India like Defence, Space, Atomic Energy, and Aeronautics. Their order book in April 2022 was around Rs 1317 Crore, and in FY22, they got orders worth Rs 817 Crore, mainly from Defence, Space, Energy, and other areas.

As part of the Chandrayaan-3 Mission, the company supplied critical materials for the launch vehicle.

MTAR Technologies Ltd

Current Price: ₹ 2,389| 52 Week High (24-Aug-2023): 2,440.00| % change: +7.51%

In the article Chandrayaan 3 Effect on Stocks, we can see that MTAR Technologies is ahead in the race. At the time of writing this article, the company were being traded on the NSE at ₹ 2,389 apiece, showing a +7.51% increase. MTAR Technologies Ltd. is a company that’s really good at solving engineering challenges with precision. They make and design parts that are super important and need to be exactly right, especially for areas like nuclear, space, defense, and clean energy. Their work is divided into different parts, like Space, Defense & Aerospace, Ball Screws, and Clean Energy.

The company started in 1970 by P. Ravindra Reddy, K. Satyanarayana Reddy, and P. Jayaprakash Reddy and is based in Hyderabad, India. They’re not just about making parts; they also do everything from designing and testing to putting things together and making sure they’re perfect. They take on tough projects that are really important for the country, like making parts that are super precise (just 5-10 microns tolerance) and putting together critical things for nuclear reactors, space launch vehicles, missiles, and clean energy systems.

As part of the Chandrayaan-3 Mission, the company helped in the manufacturing of Rocket Engines And Core Pumps for ISRO since a long.

Chandrayaan 3 Effect on Stocks- The Conclusion

Summing up Chandrayaan 3 Effect on Stocks, helped us understood that the success of a mission like this spreads positive vibes not only in the nation but in the stock market too. The upcoming missions of ISRO include Gaganyaan, Aditya L1, XPoSAT, NISAR, SPADEX which means more opportunities for these companies and the others as well. It is evident that this sector has a potential to rise in the coming years. Hence, keeping an eye on developments can offer insights into potential stock movements.


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