Tata Power Fundamental Analysis: Illuminating Opportunities

Tata Power Fundamental Analysis | Key Insights| Harnessing Growth Potential

Tata Power- About the Company

Future of Power Sector in India

Tata Power Fundamental Analysis- MARKET SIZE
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Tata Power Fundamental Analysis- Essentials and Financials

Tata Power Fundamental Analysis: Shareholding pattern FY2023
Shareholding pattern FY2023

Evaluating HDFC Bank’s Financial Statements

Profit & Loss | Income Statements

Profit & Loss statements.
Profit & Loss statements of Tata Power in last 10 years. Source: screener.in
EPS and Dividend payout

Earnings per share is indeed a key indicator of a company’s earnings growth, and a positive and growing EPS is generally considered favorable when analyzing a company’s fundamentals. In the case of Tata Power Fundamental Analysis, the EPS of the company has experienced fluctuations over the past 5 years, from March 2018 to March 2023. However, it has shown a significant increase from Rs 3.46 in March 2020 to Rs 10.44 in March 2023, representing a growth of approximately 201.73%.

On the other hand, the dividend payout has seen a decline in recent times. The dividend payout ratio stood at 19% in the trailing twelve months , marking a decrease from 32% in March 2022. The decline in the dividend payout ratio suggests that the company has allocated a smaller portion of its earnings towards dividends.

Overall, the Profit and Loss analysis of TATA Power for the past 5 years reflects consistent revenue growth and positive net profit, indicating the company’s ability to effectively manage its operations and generate profits.

Cash Flows Statements

The table given below shows that over the course of five years, from March 2018 to March 2023, TATA Power’s cash flow has fluctuated. Particularly, the company’s capacity to earn cash from its main business has exhibited some variation in the cash flows from operational activities. While there may be a variety of causes for these variations, this particular factor needs further emphasis and attention.

While the cash flow from operational activities has improved over the previous fiscal year, it is important to note that it was 6,693 crores in March 2022 and 7,159 crores in March 2023. This amounts to a roughly 6.96% rise. This development shows a better capacity for the business’ core operations to earn cash.

Cash Flow statements of TATA Power
Cash Flow statements of Tata Power in the last 10 years. Source: screener.in

Additionally, for the past five years, the net cash flow has shown negative statistics. It was -741 crores in the previous fiscal year, but as of March 2023, it will be 1,243 crores. This denotes a change in cash flow from negative to positive, denoting a successful outcome.

Comparison Between Income Statements And Cash Flows Statements.

Tata Power Fundamental Analysis: Analyzing Key Performance Indicators

Profitability Ratios

Income Graph
Income Graph of Tata Power. Source: investing.com

Key Metrics

Highlighting Some Important Aspects | Limitations of TATA Power

A Closer Look At Company’s Annual Income Statement

Financial report of Tata Power
Financial report of Tata Power. Source: https://www.google.com/finance

TATA POWER earnings for the last quarter are 2.40 INR whereas the estimation was 3.19 INR which accounts for -24.76% surprise. Company revenue for the same period amounts to 127.46B INR despite the estimated figure of 139.22B INR.

Estimated earnings for the next quarter are 3.13 INR, and revenue is expected to reach 115.27B INR.


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