Coal India Ltd.- A company Analysis

Coal India Share Analysis: Key Insights

News about OFS

The share price of Coal India has been facing pressure in recent days following news of the Coal India Offer For Sale (OFS). For those wondering, an OFS stands for Offer For Sale, which is a financial market strategy that companies employ to sell publicly traded securities like stocks and bonds. It involves the firm actively opening up access to its shares for the public, offering them at a fixed price during a specified period of time. Typically, the OFS is conducted on a stock market platform.

In light of that, the company made an announcement regarding OFS at a price of ₹225 per share, significantly lower than the prevailing market price of the scrip, which had reached its high at INR 247.9. So, this selling is more strategic as shareholders are offloading their positions to subscribe at lower price offered by the PSU. This approach allows shareholders to participate in the OFS and potentially benefit from the lower price offered by the public sector undertaking (PSU).

Indeed, Coal India Ltd. is currently the hot topic in the market, with the burning questions like whether the share price of Coal India will rebound. Additionally, investors are curious about whether it is advisable to invest in Coal India Ltd and if it is considered a safe long-term bet. The answer to all these inquiries is affirmative. Yes, Coal India Ltd. is a formidable player in the coal mining sector, enjoying near-monopoly status. With a market capitalization of INR ₹ 1,40,078 Cr., the company is poised to achieve significant milestones in the long run.

Coal India Ltd Essentials- Fundamental and Financial Analysis

In the dynamic world of the market, theories may not always hold true. Therefore, let’s shift our focus to the concrete figures of the company starting from it’s financial report.

Analysis Of Company’s Past Year Performances

Coal India shares Income Statements
Income Statement of Coal India Ltd. Source:

Earnings and Revenues for Coal India Ltd.

Coal India shares Income statement and Financials report.
Financial report of Coal India Ltd. Source:
Coal India Ltd. one year price target.
One year price target by Analysts and Technical indicators. Source:


In summary, our detailed analysis of Coal India shares establishes that the company demonstrates robust financial performance and outperforms the market, reinforcing its positive trajectory and growth prospects. Sumeet Bagadia, Executive Director at Choice Broking said, “As on 22 Dec 2023, Coal India shares are looking bullish on chart pattern. Coal India share price may touch ₹380 ands ₹400 per share levels in short term.”


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