TATA Motors fundamental analysis: Drive to Success

TATA Motors fundamental analysis- About the company

The EV Revolution

We have seen in recent times that, the Central as well as the state governments are actively working towards the adoption of sustainable methods to curb the adverse effects of climate change. Various policies have been implemented and many are in process. Our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced in the Glasgow Meeting Of Climate Change (COP26) that ” India will draw half of its energy requirement from renewable sources by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2070. Also, the electric vehicle project has been the government’s focus for at least five years.

TATA Motors is leading the segment of EV Manufacturers in India.
The Models are approved by FAME-II along with their manufacturers. Source: E-Amrit, Niti Aayog, Government of India

Day-to-day news

TATA Motors Essentials- Fundamental And Financial Analysis

The company has achieved an impressive operating revenue of Rs. 345,966.97 Cr. over the past 12 months, and its annual revenue growth rate of 25% is outstanding.

Despite having a fair ROE of 6% and ROCE of 6.12%, TATA Motors shows potential for improvement in these areas. The company’s high debt-to-equity ratio of 196% is a matter of concern and requires attention. Additionally, the dividend yield provided by the company stands at 0.36%.

As of March 2023, the promoters’ stake in TATA MOTORS remained steady at 46.39% for the quarter. In contrast, mutual funds raised their stake by 2.04%, resulting in a total stake of 8.98%. Overall, institutional holding in the company increased by 3.92% during the same period, reaching 33.17% by March 2023.

Profit and Loss report of TATA Motors in the last 10 years.
Past 10 years performance of TATA Motors. Source: Screener.com

Summing up, TATA Motors exhibits notable strengths, suggesting that a more detailed examination of the stock would be worthwhile.

Past Year Performances- TATA Motors fundamental analysis

In the last five years, TATA Motors Ltd has experienced a negative 20% CAGR in terms of profit. However, in the trailing twelve months (TTM), the company has achieved an impressive profit growth of 123%.

Over the past three years, TATA Motors’ share price has risen by 75%, and in the last year alone, it has increased from Rs 393.0 to Rs 559.3, resulting in a gain of Rs 166.25 or approximately 42.30%.

The company has shown a low ROE of -7.15% over the last three years, but the one-year ROE stands at 6%.

In terms of sales growth, TATA Motors has delivered a poor performance with a 3.48% increase over the past five years. However, this figure has improved to 10% in the last three years and further to 24% in the most recent year.

TATA Motors income statement for 1 year.
Income Statement of TATA Motors. Source: investing.com

Earnings And Revenues For TATA Motors- TATA Motors fundamental analysis

In the previous year, the company witnessed significant growth in annual revenue, with a remarkable increase of 24.5% to reach Rs 350,600.2 Crores. Additionally, the annual net profit experienced a substantial surge of 121.1%, amounting to Rs 2,414.3 Crores.

Although the stock price demonstrated a commendable rise of 37.4%, it slightly underperformed its sector by 1.1% during the same period.

One years Financial report of TATA motors share
Financial report of TATA Motors. Source: https://www.google.com/finance

TATA MOTORS surpassed expectations in the last quarter, reporting earnings of 14.20 INR compared to the estimated figure of 7.73 INR. This represents a significant surprise of 83.78%. Additionally, the company’s revenue for the same period reached 1.06T INR, exceeding the estimated figure of 1.04T INR.

Looking ahead, the estimated earnings for the next quarter are projected to be 11.26 INR, while the revenue is expected to reach 1.03T INR. These optimistic estimates indicate potential growth for the company in the upcoming period.


In conclusion, TATA Motors demonstrates both strengths and areas for improvement in its company analysis. There are some concerns to address. Furthermore, the company’s stock has shown both positive and underperforming aspects. Overall, a comprehensive analysis of TATA Motors is recommended to assess its financial health, debt management, and prospects. Keeping in mind the EV revolution, TATA Motors’ share has huge potential for growth in the coming future.

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