IREDA Share Analysis

IREDA Share Analysis: An Opportunity in the Renewable Market?

About the Company- IREDA Share Analysis

Business Model And Industry

IREDA Strategic Expansion Plans: Upcoming Projects

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Essentials & Financials- IREDA Share Analysis

Evaluating Income Statements

Profit & Loss statements of IREDA Ltd. Source: screener. in

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)- IREDA Share Analysis

1. Loan Book Growth

IREDA Loan Portfolio as on 31/03/2024. IREDA Share analysis
IREDA Loan Portfolio as on 31/03/2024. Reference:
IREDA Loan Book growth. IREDA Share analysis.
IREDA Loan Book as of March 31, 2024 (provisional), subject to
audit. Data Source:

2. Net Interest Margin (NIM)

3. Non-Performing Assets (NPAs)


Expert Insights and Market Outlook

Summing Up


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